The Tray Play Method for Activity Professionals

Engage with your residents through fun hands-on sensory experiences | taught by Nicole Root

Course description


The online Tray Play Method
course is designed for Activity Professionals who care for adults with cognitive/physical challenges and are striving to increase the well-being of their residents/participants by offering more engaging, sensory-rich experiences on a consistent basis.

Tray Play is a fun and simple way to connect with your residents/participants, even when you think you don't have the time, energy, or support. But in order to facilitate successful Tray Play experiences, it is best to understand The Tray Play philosophy and its foundation, the step-by-step facilitation process, and the different ways of building your Tray Play library for easy implementation.

The online Tray Play Method for Activity Professionals course leads you through from beginning to end with videos and guides. Additional support is provided when you join the Private Tray Play Collaboration Facebook group.


4 short succinct videos sharing the Tray Play Philosophy, including:
  • What is Tray Play?
  • The Benefits of Tray Play
  • The Materials used for Tray Play
  • Inviting your players to participate in Tray Play

4 short succinct videos demonstrating Tray Play in Action including:

  • A video of Tray Play through the Year, using photographs of original adult creations, illustrating how you can bring Tray Play to your residents month after month.
  • 4 short videos using authentic, unscripted footage of adults partaking in a Tray Play experience.

3 Guides:

  • Tray Play in Action Guide
  • Tray Play Quick Start Guide
  • Design Your Own Combinations Guide

You will receive support to ensure implementation

Once you sign up for the online Tray Play Method for Activity Professionals you will be invited to join the Private Tray Play Collaboration Facebook Group. Use this platform to ask questions, share inspiring stories, inquire about where to find specific materials, request live tutorials, and trouble shoot or brainstorm with other like minded thinkers. Whatever is on your mind, put it out there for the Collaboration.

You will also have access to:

A 25 min video of a group session with audio.

Experience a group Tray Play session from inviting participants to partake in the Tray Play experience to concluding the session with warm lavender scented washcloths, to everything in between.

Now, you could potentially go out and gather some materials and present them on a tray, or purchase Tray Play Kits from us, and see how it goes, but without learning the Tray Play Method you will:

  • NOT know what makes for a successful Tray Play experience
  • NOT understand what makes for a successful Tray Play combination
  • NOT receive support from the Private Tray Play Facebook Group that I closely monitor
  • NOT have all the information you need at your fingertips, in an organized way.

By attempting Tray Play on your own, without having a knowledge base, also may result in much lower engagement which in turn would cause you to miss out on the sense of joy and satisfaction that Tray Play experience is known for.

If you deeply care for your residents/participants, and your desire goes beyond just offering them something to do, but taps into one's emotional well-being and helps them connect to the world that is a reality for them today, then consider learning the Tray Play Method today!

We are all here to connect.

  • The Tray Play experience connects Activity Professionals to their residents/participants
  • Tray Play connects players to those caring for them
  • Tray Play connects players to their senses
  • Tray Play connects players to their inner-self
  • Tray Play connects players to the natural world
  • Tray Play connects Activity Professionals with other Activity Professionals

Nicole Root
Nicole Root

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